Amsikong Falls General Santos City revisited

A hidden paradise well preserved in General Santos City, South Cotabato is located at Barangay Conel.  At first I thought Gensan was only about being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.  But I was wrong, a beautiful Eco-Tourism Park known as Kalaja Karsts can be found also in Gensan.

Amsikong Falls was the very first outdoor activity I have done in my hometown  way back 2009.  After my first visit to the place, I had learned to love and appreciate more the living wonders of mother nature.  I had visited this place for many times already but still every journey I come to visit this place, gives me a sense of relaxation that I really can't find in the bustling city.

Before starting the trek, make sure you inform the Barangay Officials that you are going to visit the Falls, so as they could share you some insights about the community and the falls itself.  They will also provide you with a short orientation and will help you secure a guide that will asist you with your entire adventure.

From Barangay Hall, the actual jump-off of the Amsikong Falls is more than an hour of flat and easy uphill walk.  You can also have an option to do some motor trailing until the jump-off as some part of the trail covers river crossing with medium size rocks. Amsikong Trails is  a beginners trail although there are some portions of the trails which are very slippery and requires you to hold firmly on rocks and roots, as if you were like kissing the wall.  Boulders and trunks obstacles can also be encounter.  If weather condition is good, water level is less than your knee high but in such cases of heavy rains the trek becomes unpassable resulting to hip high water level.

There were also two steel case ladders set-up by the local government, which are strategically  located on the right side of the two highest falls.  The best part of the falls, is when you reached the pool basin which is more than 20-30 feet deep.  If you love to jump high or dive or perform back flips, some friends of mine does it on the right side wall of the falls but for non swimmers like me, you can just stay on edge corner and still enjoy the cold water.

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